Different Types of Shape of Bricks | Bullnose Brick, Channel Bricks, Coping bricks, Cownose Bricks, Hollow Bricks, Paving bricks, Perforated Bricks

Shape of Bricks

(1) Bullnose Brick

  • A brick moulded with a rounded angle is termed as a bullnose. It is used for a rounded quoin.
  • A connection which is formed when a wall takes a turn is known as quoin.

(ii) Channel Bricks

  • These bricks are moulded to the shape of a gutter or a channel and they are very often glazed.
  • These bricks are used to function as drains.

(iii) Coping bricks

  • These bricks are made to suit the thickness of the walls on which coping is to be provided.
  • Such bricks take various forms such as chamfered half-round or saddle-back.

(iv) Cownose Bricks

  • A brick moulded with a double bullnose on the end is known as cow nose.

(v) Curved Sector Bricks

  • These bricks are in the form of curved sectors and they are used in the construction of circular brick masonry pillars, brick chimneys etc.
  • The perforation may be circular, square, rectangular or any other regular shape in cross-section.
  • The water absorption after immersion for 24 hours in water should not exceed 15% by water.
  • The compressive strength of perforated bricks should not be less than 7 N/mm² on the gross area.

(vi) Hollow Bricks

  • These are also known as cellular or cavity bricks. The wall thickness of such bricks is about 20 mm to 25 mm. These are prepared from special homogeneous clay. They are light in weight at about one-third of the importance of ordinary bricks of the same size. These bricks can be laid about four times faster than ordinary bricks; Thus, using such bricks speeds up construction. They also reduce the transmission of heat, sound and moisture. They are used in the construction of brick partitions.

(vii) Paving bricks

  • These bricks are prepared from a high percentage of clay Of iron. The excess iron vitrifies the bricks at low temperatures. Like these Bricks resist the abrasive action of traffic better. bricks can be Plain or checkered.

(viii) Perforated Bricks

  • Perforated bricks are used in the construction of brick panels for lightweight structures and multi-storeyed framed structures

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