What is Transportation Engineering? | Different Modes of Transportation

Transportation Engineering Definition:

The main objective of transportation is the development of a country is multidimensional. Transportation is vital for the economic development of any region since every product produced such as food, clothing, industrial products or medicine needs transport at all stages from production to distribution.

The inadequate transportation facilities retard the process of socio-economic development of a country. All human beings are interacting over distance and time for food, shelter, work, business, recreation, and security All agricultural and industrial raw materials, products, and equipment are needed to be transported from one place.

Different Modes of Transportation:


Three basic modes of transports are:

(i) Land:  Road Transport, Railway Transport
(ii) Water: Waterways
(iii) Air: Airways

The four major modes of transportation are:

1. Roadway
2. Railways
3. Waterways
4. Airways

modes of transportation

Time of Travel ( Increasing Order )

Airways < Roadways < Railways < Waterways

Cost of Travel ( Decreasing Order )

Airways > Roadways > Railways > Waterways

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